• 01.

    Territory and landscape

    A territory united by geography and history, with diverse landscapes that can be traversed along paths, roads and highways of great beauty.

  • 02.

    Nature and biodiversity

    Natural areas of great biodiversity, unique in Europe, with more than 600 species of flora and fauna of undoubted ecological value, in a completely unique geological environment.

  • 03.

    Culture, art and tradition

    Different generations and lineages have left their mark on this territory creating a substrate of cultures, arts and traditions, often millenary.

  • 04.

    History and heritage

    The succession of civilizations throughout history has deposited a rich substrate of tangible and intangible heritage that explains the past and projects the future.

  • 05.

    Gastronomy and Wine Tourism

    If the kitchen is the landscape in the pot, you can already imagine the extraordinary gastronomic and oenological journey that this territory offers.

  • 06.

    Sport and health

    From hiking to skiing, cycling, sailing or scuba diving, there is a long list of sports, as well as spas that you will find.

  • 07.


    A territory firmly committed to sustainability in all its dimensions, environmental, social and economic.

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