Centre d’Interpretació dels Esterregalls d’Isòvol

The interpretation center of the Pais del Esterregalls is a cultural, didactic and playful space, designed for all ages, where you can discover a necropolis of the Middle Ages and the remains of the late medieval district of All. The little ones will be able to enjoy the experience of becoming archaeologists. You will also find information about the town, from prehistory to the present day and you will be able to know how our godparents lived, as well as discover the places of interest we offer you, trails and activities for all ages. Finally, you will be able to discover a place of unique value in the whole of the Pyrenees: the Esterregalls. And you can enjoy a walking circuit through an arid area of yellow, ocher and reddish colors characterized by the presence of rats.

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Centre d’Interpretació dels Esterregalls d’Isòvol

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